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From the Muppet Files

Jordie (AKA, Mr. Fuzzypants) is cute coming or going!

sheltie trotting away

Love those fuzzy butts, Ambodavenz!

When Shelties Photobomb!

Just a picture of a cat named Juji.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Sheltie and cat

Maybe Kira is using her tongue as an in-dicator, as in “the noms go in here”, Liana?

Photobomb In Progress!

Dash: “Look at me!”

dash-bombThere is always one, Danielle!

Photo by Dani Leigh Photography



Well, one in particular looks to be sillier than the other.Sheltie playing with GoldenJuno and Daisy look like great friends, Donna!

Loss of Tongue Control

Yikes! It’s escaping again!

Quick, somebody catch it before it gets away!


Chelsea is a ham, Easan!