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Halt! Who Goes There!

Beware the sentinels at the gate. They smell all!


Teddy has a sweet sniffer, Julie!

Just Snufflin’ Sand. You?

Ella says: “Don’t you like my sand sculpture?”


Looks like fun, Clark & Pat!

It’s Curtains for Me!

Naiche LOVES to observe life from his invisible (he thinks) position!


I don’t see anything, DK? ;)

S.N. Extreme Close-up!

This is the last thing a doggie treat sees!


Cooper is so cute, Denise!

New Type of Tick Alert!

This is a photo of the ever elusive East Coast Black/White tick. It is known for attaching itself to the ruffs of Shelties and hanging on for dear life. The B/W tick is extremely hard to remove and the best way we have found so far to ensure a full release is with the promise of….



Fooled them didn’t we, Lisa? :))

(The tick is Victoria and the poor, helpless victim is SuBear.)