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S.N. Extreme Close-up!

This is the last thing a doggie treat sees!


Cooper is so cute, Denise!

New Type of Tick Alert!

This is a photo of the ever elusive East Coast Black/White tick. It is known for attaching itself to the ruffs of Shelties and hanging on for dear life. The B/W tick is extremely hard to remove and the best way we have found so far to ensure a full release is with the promise of….



Fooled them didn’t we, Lisa? :))

(The tick is Victoria and the poor, helpless victim is SuBear.)

Handsome, Dashing, Debonaire…

Rook says: “helloooo ladies!”


What a handsome man, Allen and Michaela!

Double Take!

Would the real Cooper please blink?


Love this photo, Denise! ;)

Shelties Who Think They’re Hiding

I caught Lulu and Linus having a quiet moment on the park bench last weekend.
I guess they are too civilized for grass?
Was it the head or the tail that gave them away, Valerie? :)