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Nobody sneaks up on this house!

JoJo, Laona Mae and Stewart are on the job.


Rest easy, Jennifer! ;)

Burgler Free Zone

Max and Chan will be watching you!


Nice touch with the decal, Richard! ;)

Security Pup

No one is getting in here while Cody is on duty!


No UPS for you, Richard! ;)

Don’t worry, we will watch the house.

 When we went out for the evening, we left our kids, Little Miss, Skipper Boy and Sister Sue, watching TV.  

I think they got bored…


Well what channel did you have on, Ginny?  LOL

Sheltie = Bathroom Butler

Nosey Indie!

Sheltie opening bathroom door.

LOL, Gail! He had to push that door open so he could check on you.