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Sheltie “chick magnet”…

Not quite the same affect as having a Rottweiler in the car,
but if you want to attract women, Drew is definitely more appropriate.23506452_21ac1f385eCool ride Gina S.!

A Sheltie being a Sheltie

Like all Shelties, Sean takes his job of guarding the front door very seriously.
101737065_605204257dSweet shot Julie M.

Bathrooms require guarding…

Apparently Haggis feels it is his duty to guard mom while she uses the “facilities”.   There must be a Sheltie gene for this trait as almost every Sheltie *I* know does the same thing.  (Although Haggis does not have that watcha doin’ expression….it’s more like, I know watcha doin’ & I’m not lookin’!)
LOL Julie!

Sheltie Kryptonite?

Are you kidding me?  I’m not getting any closer.  With a coat like this I’m lible to sink right to the bottom!  I’ll just stand here and bark while you splash around.
203631145_903a27def5Great shot of Lillie, Kathy T.

A rare sighting…a Sheltie Barking

Wow, betcha NEVER saw this before?  :)

Daisy gets to speak her mind thanks to  Kathy T.