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A Sheltie’s favorite place to hide…

We have this category here at Sheltie Nation called “Security by Sheltie”.  But poor little Sadie gives new meaning to the category.  Fireworks scare her…but she feels safe between her human’s feet!FireworksscaremeThanks to Nancy!

Sheltie alert system backup failure

Looks like Barkley & Ivy have decided to take a break at the same time.You need a third Sheltie for such occasions Ann!  ;)

No, I’m not turning around…I’m busy!

You can tell by Emmy’s ears that she is really focused on her human taking the photo, but she really wants to keep an eye on the traffic.

What does your Sheltie do when you’re not home?

Some dogs are better “watch dogs” than others.  As a whole, Shelties probably spend more time “watching” for their humans to return than other breeds.  Shelties really love their humans.  :)

Sheltie looking out window

Daisy takes her job very seriously Kevin!

Sheltie “chick magnet”…

Not quite the same affect as having a Rottweiler in the car,
but if you want to attract women, Drew is definitely more appropriate.23506452_21ac1f385eCool ride Gina S.!