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Out Cold

Sailor is O-U-T

Sheltie upside downThey do sleep in the silliest positions, Jeff!

Maximum Relaxation

Lucy has it rough at Ichetucknee River in Florida.

Sheltie napping by river

Wow, Donna!

Wishing I could also pull up a chair (or hammock) for a nap!


This Bookcase Wuz Made For Sleeping…

Is that really comfy, Barkley?

Sheltie sleeping

Guess so, Rick! ;)

Afternoon Nap

Bentley is looking mighty cosy.

Sheltie napping

Feeling suddenly sleepy now too, Kristen. ;)

My, What Big Teeth You Have!

Barkley looks far less menacing while upside down. ;)

Sheltie sleeping upside down

And his teef are so clean too, Tracey!