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Your Closet = My Den

Max’s favorite day time sleeping place is now the back of the closet.

Sheltie in closet

Hugs for adopting and giving him such a great home, Donna. Wow, almost 16 years old!

You Had One Job

I was sick and crashed on the couch with Jax as my nurse. It appears that he may have fallen asleep on the job.

napping Sheltie

Awe, but he looks so comfy, Kate. All is forgiven. :)

Never Enough!

We are just a little bit worried that Johnnie might not be comfortable enough.

Sheltie sleeping on stack of pillows

He is not at all spoiled, Wylie!

A Sheltie’s tongue is seldom photographed.

Unless you get lucky, catching it sneaking a peak while sleeping!

Sheltie sleeping

Laona Mae is definitely having a lazy day, Jenny. :)

Bed Too Small….Or Sheltie Too Big?

Tucker doesn’t look like he’s all that aware that he has outgrown his bed?

Sheltie half in bed

So silly, Sharon!