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These Guard Dogs Are Not Exactly Fearsome

Logan and Laddie are just sleepy. :)

Shelties napping by door

But they will bark right, Gloria? :)

Sheltie Slumber

A reoccurring disorder marked by soft snoring and heavy drooling. :)

Sheltie sleeping

Cooper is so snuggly, Kate!

When You’re Waiting For Santa

Time seems to pass rather s l o w l y, does it not?

Poor Anna just can’t fight it anymore.

Sheltie puppy waiting for Santa

Merry Christmas, Sandra!


Bed Hogs!

Ozzie and Andie left just a little room for the human.

How considerate.

Shelties hogging bed

Truly a rough life, Robert.

All Is Right With The World

Taz the Sheltie and Alpine share a nap.

Sleeping Sheltie and cat
Comfortable PJs for the human make it complete, Katarina! :)