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Color Me…Sleepy!

Ah, the cheerful summer hues of yellow and orange.

Throw in a dash of sable and white and you’ve got a VERY pleasing combination.annie-sleeping-sheltie

Annie looks like she is waiting for you to join her, Karen! :)

A Sheltie can never have too many pillows.

Bandit has it covered from all angles.


He looks really comfy, Ginny!

Sleep Well!

I shut down our security system for a much needed recharge. I could go on and on about all the countless displays of bravery shown by our security system in warding off all the dastardly miscreants (that would be squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits) that were hell-bent on causing trouble.


Lesson learned: keep updating your protection. ;)

Official Couch Tester

I think this one passed.


What a rough life Johnnie has, Wylie!

We NOSE What YOU’RE Up To.

Katie is sleeping on her chinny chin chin.


Awe, Cathy!