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Monkey Snorgle

Wallace knows purple monkeys make the best pillows. :)

wallacesleepAwe, David.

It’s Friday somewhere in the world.

Chili and Chica live in Switzerland…and apparently it’s nap time. :)

swissWhat a life, Freddie! LOL

Dog Napping!

shhh…Samson and Maude are sleepy.


They look like best buds, Natalie! :)

Comfort Pillow

Deaf and blind “Sheltie mix” Riley enjoys hanging out with — actually, on — his friend Berry.

Both are fifteen. When the company is good, life is sweet!


How wonderful, Eva!

Sleepy in Hungary!

Vuk decided to take a nap in the pretty flowers.dreamingsheltieThank you, Hedvig!

(Sorry, don’t know how to say ‘thank you’ in Hungarian yet!)