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What a rough life!

Lucy and Elliot enjoy hog the comfy couch after a long walk.


No room for you, Donna!

Sweet Slumbering Senior Shelties!

Mr Chance and little Jasmine decided to take an afternoon nap together.


Always better to nap with friends, Gloria. :)

Someone Had A Rough Day

Sophie had an exceptionally hard day as she had to go to the groomer.

She gets all dressed up with her pretty ribbons and then just couldn’t stay awake to show them off.


I’m sure all will be forgiven with cookies, Christine! :)

Look Who Has A Small Bed!

Poor, poor Jordie.

There should be a law against this sort of Sheltie abuse. ;)


Somehow I think he probably prefers this one to a bigger bed right, ambodavenz?:))


Look Familiar?

Does anyone else’s Sheltie sleep like this?

Benji finds it so comfortable!


I’m sure more than one of us has seen this goofiness, Lisha! :)