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Look Who Has A Small Bed!

Poor, poor Jordie.

There should be a law against this sort of Sheltie abuse. ;)


Somehow I think he probably prefers this one to a bigger bed right, ambodavenz?:))


Look Familiar?

Does anyone else’s Sheltie sleep like this?

Benji finds it so comfortable!


I’m sure more than one of us has seen this goofiness, Lisha! :)

The Perfect Pillow

After a tough day, it’s nice to have that pillow that fits you perfectly.

Barkley has a really nice bed, Rick! ;))

Color Me…Sleepy!

Ah, the cheerful summer hues of yellow and orange.

Throw in a dash of sable and white and you’ve got a VERY pleasing combination.annie-sleeping-sheltie

Annie looks like she is waiting for you to join her, Karen! :)

A Sheltie can never have too many pillows.

Bandit has it covered from all angles.


He looks really comfy, Ginny!