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Hot Dog!

But a SMART hot dog. ;)


Thank goodness for AC right, Jo?

Cuddle Partner

Archie loves to snuggle with his mommy, but when she is not available his puppy dog will do just fine!

(Archie was adopted from WI Sheltie Rescue.)


What a sweetheart, Deb. Lucky you!

Groggy Doggie

Barley had a very busy day!


When it works, it works right, Rhonda? ;)

I think I’ll take a nap—HERE

Millie looks awkward and comfortable all at the same time.


They snooze in the craziest places, Jan!

Sleeping Beauty

I adopted Lacey one week ago from a couple who could not keep her any longer due to health issues. After  7 days of adjusting she finally felt secure enough to get up on the couch with me to take a nap.  It was really hard for a her  to have to leave behind the dogs and folks who she had known since a puppy. She adjusting and we love her already!
laceysleepLucky you to get such a cutie, Beth!