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It’s April?

Joey: “Wait, all this fun white stuff is going to melt?”

Sheltie in snow

Tell him it will be back again soon, 4thmedium!

Heavy Is the Head that Wears the…Snow

It is a sacrifice demanded of all who would lead: to abandon childish folly and stand instead as the embodiment of poise and dignity.

Or, y’know, maybe not…

Sheltie posing in snow

Meloday is so regal looking yet silly, Paul!

Frosted Sheltie

As if Moses isn’t sweet enough!

frosted sheltie

What a face, Grace!

Going with the wind!

Will reminds us that winter is very much still with us!

Sheltie in wind and snow

And he seems happy about it too, Kathy-Jo!

Shelties and Snowflakes!

ANNIEFRANNIE wants back in!

She was only outside for a few minutes for a quick pee…so you can see how fast the snow was coming down.

Snow covered Sheltie
LOL, Marti!