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Shelties and Snowflakes!

ANNIEFRANNIE wants back in!

She was only outside for a few minutes for a quick pee…so you can see how fast the snow was coming down.

Snow covered Sheltie
LOL, Marti!

Lovin’ Life in Snowy Utah!

Tess says, “Let it snose, let it snose, let it snose!”

Sheltie in the snow

She just keeps getting cuter, Ken!


Uh, deep snow here mom! Time for me to come in!

Sheltie at door

Sage is just too cute for words, Holly!

Behold Arwen’s Snow Nose

Well, you know what they say–snow nose is good nose.

Snow on the nose

A handsome fellow, Paul.

Open the door!

Such a shame Ollie can’t help with the shoveling.

Sheltie by door of snow

That is a lot of snow, kerfuffle!