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You’re Not Seein’ MY Nose Til Spring!

Lola your nose must be so cold!

sheltie snow on nose

Sweet, Lisa! :)

Snow Roll Nirvana

Not quite sure which end is up, but I suspect Casey is VERY happy.

sheltie rolling

:) Lorie

Oh Yah, You Betcha Snow is Fun! (wink!)

Tres was adopted from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue and is lovin’ her new life!


Hugs for adopting, Debbie!

Headaches? Puffy eyes?

Try a Sheltie snow mask. Buddy demonstrates…

Sheltie snow

You have one of those silly dogies too, Debbie? ;)

Toby prefers the face and neck version.

Sheltie face

They are just so silly, Dana!

As if she wasn’t sweet enough!

Sugar-frosted Libby!

Bi-black Sheltie in snow

It is so hard to get a great photo of those bi-blacks, Julie! This one is great! :)