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Always with the Kissing

And it never gets old.

Sheltie kisses

Logan is a doll, Gloria!


The Cutest Sheltie Ears You’ve EVER SEEN.

I bet most people are gonna nod their head (after they’ve regained consciousness) and go “Yes, she’s right.”

Sheltie with fuzzy ears

OMG, Lara! I think Jamie is a Muppet — he’s too cute to be real!?


Now it’s Time to Relax

Sunny is all done with the holidays!

Sheltie in a blanket

Much recovering to do, Dave!

Lap Dog

If you look up “Lap Dog” in the dictionary, you should see this picture beside it. :).

Fang has such a sweet expression, Casidy!

I Am All Zenned Out With My Pillow …

but I’m sure Cooper would gladly cuddle with anyone who wants to join him.


Such a cutie, Denise!