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Lap Dog

If you look up “Lap Dog” in the dictionary, you should see this picture beside it. :).

Fang has such a sweet expression, Casidy!

I Am All Zenned Out With My Pillow …

but I’m sure Cooper would gladly cuddle with anyone who wants to join him.


Such a cutie, Denise!

She’s a Keeper!

My son rescued this kitten the other day as she was running down the highway. We planned to find her a good home, but Finn adores her. I suppose we just must keep her!


They are both adorable, Heather!

He Is….The Most Relaxed Sheltie In The World


Wylie looks so comfy, Charlene!

Kitty Cohabitation

Kimiko the cat and Fergus really DO like each other.


Why do kitties always look so serious, Kerfuffle?