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Hide n’ Cheek

Crystal loves the cats, but thinks Sophie may be going a bit far!

But both ends of Shelties ARE snugly Gail!  LOL

Sheltie Snuggle-Rama

Trying to get to sleep tonight?
Snuggle with these guys and you’ll be counting sheepies in no time.

Lucky you Barb!  :)

Much better than kissing a frog!

Kissing Fuzzy is a much more pleasant smooching experience!

Lucky you Tatha to have a ‘prince’ snuggler!  ;)

Sheltie Spooning

Riley and his best buddy, Logan the golden retriever, like to cuddle at the top of the stairs.Awe Caitlyn!

I prefer you over the pillow

Darling would like to know if anyone would like to snuggle with her?

So cute Karen!