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You Know the Rules!

You throw it, but FIRST you have to take it!

Sheltie with foot on frisbee

Jack looks very serious about that rule, Barbara and David. ;)

You Call This Agility Training?

Milicent says: “This is easy! Bring on the hard stuff!”

Sheltie on A-frame

An overachiever, Paul!

I Got It… I Got It… I Got It…

You go, Fred!

Sheltie chasing toy

Awesome action shot, Oleg.


Are You Blind?

Yep, for the moment!

Sheltie with frisbee

Katie is so silly, Cathy!


Cone or no cone, apparently Smulan will patiently wait for something to happen.

Sheltie in cone trying to get ball

Too funny, Marie!