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He’s The Hero Sheltie Nation Deserves

Barkley saves us from this alien attack – our hero! ?

Sheltie puppy and toy

:) Tracey


 We get the message, Joey!

Sheltie with paw on kong

Very clear, 4thmedium! :)

OMG is class dismissed yet?

Halo in obedience class, while all the other dogs were chilling, she is like “get me out of here”.

Sheltie in Good Citizen class

By the way, she passed her test and became a AKC Canine Good Citizen.

Congrats, Teresa!

The IT Girl’s Guide to Frisbee

Pink Bows.

Need I say more?

Sheltie and frisbee

Of course pretty girls can still play frisbee right, Donna? :)

Did my team win yet!?

Poor Mickey. He is a big football fan and has to wait for next season. :)

sheltie cuddling with football

Oh so forlorn, Phil! ;)