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Have You No Shame?

People think I’m kidding with my nicknames for her: Tessinator, Loch Tess Monster, Tessmanian Devil, etc. As you can see, however, when it comes to toy deconstruction, Tess plays second fiddle to no dog. A dollar ninety-seven at Wal-Mart down the drain. And does she look shamed? On the contrary; she’s damn proud.

Sheltie and destroyed toy

OH. MY. Ken

It’s Our New Act for the Circus!

Check out the talented Tjure! :)

A Smile To Perk Up Your Day

Kobe says: “Did it work? OK, Let’s Play!”

sheltie in grass with ball

Love that smile, Margaret!

Can He Have Too Many?



Piper is guarding his treasures, Deb. :)


You and me are more than best friends.

We’re like a really small gang.


Aslan and his posse!

:) Mark