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No Shelties In The NFL Playoffs?

No matter!

Some Senior alumni from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue are busy planning their watch party for the playoffs. The youngest in this picture is 10 years young.

Sheltie football team

Back row L-R: Daisy, Cocoa, Angle, Piper and Bailey
Front L-R: Tres and Belle

Love, LOVE this picture, Debbie! So fun!

Decisions, Decisions

Deacon, his pillow and his toys.

What to play with next!

Sheltie with lots of toys!

And it’s not even Christmas, Beverly! :))

Have You No Shame?

People think I’m kidding with my nicknames for her: Tessinator, Loch Tess Monster, Tessmanian Devil, etc. As you can see, however, when it comes to toy deconstruction, Tess plays second fiddle to no dog. A dollar ninety-seven at Wal-Mart down the drain. And does she look shamed? On the contrary; she’s damn proud.

Sheltie and destroyed toy

OH. MY. Ken

It’s Our New Act for the Circus!

Check out the talented Tjure! :)

A Smile To Perk Up Your Day

Kobe says: “Did it work? OK, Let’s Play!”

sheltie in grass with ball

Love that smile, Margaret!