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A’scuse Me, We Play Now?

Penny Lane, how could anyone say no to you? pennyplay

:)) Melissa

Sheltie Gator Wrestling?

Sherlock likes to wrestle with his alligator.

Notice those fierce little teefies!


Hugs to you Bobbie for adopting him from Sheltie Rescue of Utah!

Have I Got a Deal For You!

Arnie says: “You throw my wuboo and I bring it back!”


Sound like a good deal to us, Terry! :)

We Have a Stuffing Emergency!

Duchess had a little too much fun with Santa! He’s coming apart at the seams!


Next Christmas is still a long way away, Susan. Break it to her gently.  ;)

Jump Start Your Day!

Barclay is flying!

Sheltie jumping agility poles

I love how his ear hair gets altitude too, Joe! :0)