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Sheltie Plantings

I hope they have these at the garden center, I want to stock up for spring!

Sheltie and flowers

Chico is lovely, Pauline. So are the snowdrops. ;)

The Perfect Sheltie Evening

Daisy and her ball. Not a care in the world!

Sheltie with ball at sunset

Such a lovely photo, Donna!


If Spring is Your Thing

Stewie just got groomed, wind in his fur, loving spring!

Sheltie in yard

We love it too, Jenny. ;)

Just Out For A Leisurely Stroll

Sheltie walking along canalWow, what a beautiful place for you and Benji to walk, Niek!

There’s Something in the Air!

It”s the smell of pretty purple flowers.

Sheltie in flowers

Jenny is a pretty girl, Sue!