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Lazin’ by the Lake

Merlin, you have a ruff life!

Sheltie at lake

We want to come visit, Mark! :)

Gardener Wanna-be

Daisy is the kind of gardener I need.

Sheltie near shubs

What’s her hourly rate, Donna? ;)

Happy First Day of Spring!

In honor of today, the first day of spring, here is some sunshine, flowers and a pretty Sheltie named Daisy!

Sheltie in sun

She is so lovely, Donna!

Dreaming of You, Spring

It may be only January, but some Shelties are surely dreaming of a green backyard!

Sheltie in spring grass

Kipper was adopted from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue of St. Louis.

Hugs to you Marianne and Rosanne for adopting!

Flower Power

Look at this perfectly delicate and delightful blossom.

Oh look, there is a pretty white flower too! ;)

sheltie-fawna-flowerFawna enjoys the first of the spring Trilliums!

They are both lovely, Janis!