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Feeling a little chilly this winter?

Have the winter blues and are dreaming of spring?

Lovely Callie is just the thing to warm you up.


So lovely, John!

Do You Enjoy The Rain?

Nope. Buddy doesn’t either.


Awe, Paige!

A SN Farmer’s Almanac Gardening Tip

When planning your flower garden, it’s important to consider where to place the puppies.


Panda and Snooky are enjoying the day at Ligonier IN, Kenney Park.

Thank you Lisa!

Tea Time

Kinsey & Blair celebrate spring with an afternoon tea party.

Extra crumpets for everyone!

Thank you for hosting this lovely little get-together, Sheila!

Oh Look! My Sheltie Bulbs Have Bloomed!

Echo & Libby like to tiptoe through the tulips.

(What I really mean is TEAR through the tulips)


So fun, Julie & Scott!