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A cold winter’s warmth

Trinity (now a Sheltie Angel) made so many people happy because of her Sheltie smile and bounce. TrinityBall She still makes us smile Courtney!

Take time to stop & smell the flowers.

Callie likes purple Wisteria.  :)Beautiful photo Denise!

Springtime Sheltie

“Nicki is a Southland Sheltie Rescue who is now 16 years old and still a spunky little lady!  Here she is gardening with my Mom during one of their usual Sunday afternoons together.”

Such a sweet face Monica!

Has spring sprung yet?

Bella & Courtney look like they are waiting for something…the mailman perhaps?Beautiful dogs & beautiful flowers, Leslie!

Sheltie in the flowers…

Ende and Real’y enjoying spring in Texas.Dscf0113Amy, I can’t imagine those flowers taste good?!