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Thanks for the Shade, Mom

Naiche knows those shade plants are there just for him.


All he needs now DK is a fan! ;)

Yes, These Are My Cool Glasses

Things are heating up outside, but Conan sure knows how to keep it cool.


I’m sure he has AC or at least his own fan too, right Lauren? ;)

Chip and the bee

Bees are one of summer’s big mysteries. Why they are flying? Where do they go?

A summer greetings from North Norway, to all of you :)

Lovely photo, Birgitte!

Kick Back And Relax

Chester & Kobe are on vacation in North Carolina.

Can you tell?


But where will you sit, Margaret? ;)

Porch Pooch

Mackenzie likes to supervise her humans doing yard work.


Princess on her throne, right Donna? :)