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When it’s HOT…

Beau knows where it’s cool!


Smart AND cute, George! ;)

More S.N. Gardening Tips!

“What kind of puppeh is right for my garden?”

“Well, a Sheltie is always a lovely choice.”


Dutchess looks like such a sweetie, Darryl!

Early Morning Walk

Ozzy is ready to go.


Lovely light, Fkb!

Did that Sheltie just melt?

Awe, no.

Chewee is just enjoying the early morning sunshine.

cheweemelt  A fun photo, Bernd!

Buy a Bag of Mulch. Get a Free Sheltie

When we were out mulching, we couldn’t help but to get Bruno involved.


(Apparently he loves being outside and being squirted by the hose too!)

Looks like a fun day, Kevin and Linda!