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Hello? Frisbee?

Daisy: “Hey, won’t you get off yer tocks and frisbee with me?”

Sheltie holding frizbee

Who could say no, Donna? ;)

Classic Side-Eye

As far as I am concerned, Lil Papi can have WHATever he wants, WHENever he wants.

Shelite looking side-eye

Of course now that he is using you as a pillow, you can’t get up either, Meredith. :)

Side-Eye Elf!

Lucy: “Oh mom, seriously?”

Sheltie side-eye elf sweater

She looks adorable, Donna!


Side-Eye Stink-Eye Voodoo Whammy LOOK OF…

“Don’t you take my ball!”

Sheltie puppy side eye

Barkley’s side eye is very impressive, Tracey!


Whatchu Doin’?

Kobe – Master of the cute side-eye!

Sheltie side eye up close

:) Margaret