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Here to Steal Your Soul, People

Here is a devastatingly cute photo of Abry.

You’re welcome.


Oh my, Mayel! Those eyes!


Phases of the Sheltie

Lily relaxes after a long day playing, eating, napping, playing, eating, napping.

…you get the idea!


Such a tough life, Patty. ;)

Goodbye Harsh Streets, Hello Upscale Retreat!

Destiny was rescued at about 5 months of age, from a rural road in NC, in 2005.

She was wild when I got her and she must have been on the road for awhile.


Hugs for giving her a loving home, Janet.

She looked like she adored you! <3

When Owners Look Like Their Pets!

Or is it really the other way around?


Hemingway is perfectly matched to you, Rita! ;)

It Must Be Love

Katie clearly loves her mommy.


Such a look of <3, Cathy.