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Sheltie Having A Better Birthday Party Than You !

Although Cheyenne probably thinks that all is a matter of perspective.

Sheltie birthday hat

Give her cookies from us, Marla!

We Have A Closed Door Policy Here

And Andy seems displeased about this!

Sheltie at closed door

That is a stink-eye, John! :))

Who Has Puppy Dog Eyes?

That soul-ful, melt-you expression?

That would be Jordie!

Sheltie looking up

Such a face, Ambodavenz!

Couch Potato Monday

Yep Moses, it is Monday again!

Sheltie tucked in couch

He is really adorable, Grace!

Some Things Never Change

Well would you look at that.

A Sheltie in a person’s chair.

That never happens.

Sheltie in chair

Mika is very handsome, Alexandre!