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Couch Potato Monday

Yep Moses, it is Monday again!

Sheltie tucked in couch

He is really adorable, Grace!

Some Things Never Change

Well would you look at that.

A Sheltie in a person’s chair.

That never happens.

Sheltie in chair

Mika is very handsome, Alexandre!

Now THERE Is Some Side-Eye Action

This is Addy. She is currently a foster dog with Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St. Louis.

This has to be the most hilarious side eye I’ve ever seen.

Sheltie side-eye

We’d have to agree, Angela. :)) What DID you say?

My What Big Eyes You Have

“So-called ‘puppydog eyes don’t exist!” you say.

“PROVE IT” you say.

OK then. Here is Annie.

Sheltie with big eyes

A princess on her pillow, Ken!

Hello? Frisbee?

Daisy: “Hey, won’t you get off yer tocks and frisbee with me?”

Sheltie holding frizbee

Who could say no, Donna? ;)