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C’Mere, You Have Something on Your Face

Uh oh! It’s that time of year again.

The fun results if you let your Sheltie go exploring into the woods.

The look on Java’s face is priceless, Deb!

Here to Steal Your Soul, People

Here is a devastatingly cute photo of Abry.

You’re welcome.


Oh my, Mayel! Those eyes!


Phases of the Sheltie

Lily relaxes after a long day playing, eating, napping, playing, eating, napping.

…you get the idea!


Such a tough life, Patty. ;)

Goodbye Harsh Streets, Hello Upscale Retreat!

Destiny was rescued at about 5 months of age, from a rural road in NC, in 2005.

She was wild when I got her and she must have been on the road for awhile.


Hugs for giving her a loving home, Janet.

She looked like she adored you! <3

When Owners Look Like Their Pets!

Or is it really the other way around?


Hemingway is perfectly matched to you, Rita! ;)