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Side-Eye Stink-Eye Voodoo Whammy LOOK OF…

“Don’t you take my ball!”

Sheltie puppy side eye

Barkley’s side eye is very impressive, Tracey!


Whatchu Doin’?

Kobe – Master of the cute side-eye!

Sheltie side eye up close

:) Margaret

Mom, Time to Get Up!

Who wouldn’t want to start their day looking at cute Katie!

Sheltie face when you wake up

What a sweetie, Rachel!

Guess Who is Coming to Dinner?

From the top…Laddie, Chance, Jasmine and Logan:

“Sheltie eyes x8. You WILL cave in and give us a treat!”

4 Shelties begging

Your poor brother doesn’t stand a chance, Gloria! LOL

Fawning Over Fawna

Sheltie in fall leaves

What a face, Janis!