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Zila will not be ignored!

sheltie-zila-lookWho could ignore those eyes, Nell!

The Soft Side

Shelties have such soft expressions.


We’ve got a soft spot for Declan too, wck! :)

Why Can’t I Be a Cat?

1 year old Jazz acts like a cat.

Don’t judge. :P

LOL, that side eye, Jane!

Now THAT Is Some Wicked Side-Eye


Fergus is ON to you, Kerfuffle!

THIS JUST IN: Happy First Birthday, Tess!

Scotland’s Littlest Terrorist (a.k.a. The Loch Tess Monster) officially left puppyhood behind and turned one. I don’t think she’s mellowing out anytime soon. Maybe when she’s 10 or 11?


Love ALL the nicknames Ken!

She is adorable!