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Now THAT Is Some Wicked Side-Eye


Fergus is ON to you, Kerfuffle!

THIS JUST IN: Happy First Birthday, Tess!

Scotland’s Littlest Terrorist (a.k.a. The Loch Tess Monster) officially left puppyhood behind and turned one. I don’t think she’s mellowing out anytime soon. Maybe when she’s 10 or 11?


Love ALL the nicknames Ken!

She is adorable!

Wet Wink

Mocha sends the secret signal.

More like the…This Is My “No, I DON’T Like This” Look, OK?


Great timing, Randy!

I am Art

Notice the light?

The depth of field?

The capture of disapproval mixed with a questioning brow?


Now THIS IS A Look.

Peggy is so classically Sheltie, Sylvie! ;)

The Original Sheltie Pout

Patrick is KING of the Pouts.


Oh my, Ron!