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Declan’s face says it all.


ROFL but he is a cute doll, wck!

The Stare Down x2

No one stands a chance against the powers of Logan and Jasmine.


It must be something tasty, Gloria! :)

I’m Gonna Sulk ‘Til You Play With Me

Ajax & Merly are working the guilt angle pretty hard.


Such a look, Gerald!

No, this is NOT my puppy.

Gracie says: “Yea, we sorta look alike with our colors and all, but we are not related.”


Awe, Gigi and Gracie are matching friends, Theresa! :)

Half in the Crate

Isn’t this just everybody’s Monday?

I can just hear Tebow sighing.


Sort of half in, half out of the crate, Emily? ;)