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Fawning Over Fawna

Sheltie in fall leaves

What a face, Janis!

Bow Ties Make You Smart!

And they make you cuter!


Oscar KNOWS he is adorable, RBurch!


C’Mere, You Have Something on Your Face

Uh oh! It’s that time of year again.

The fun results if you let your Sheltie go exploring into the woods.

The look on Java’s face is priceless, Deb!

Here to Steal Your Soul, People

Here is a devastatingly cute photo of Abry.

You’re welcome.


Oh my, Mayel! Those eyes!


Phases of the Sheltie

Lily relaxes after a long day playing, eating, napping, playing, eating, napping.

…you get the idea!


Such a tough life, Patty. ;)