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That would explain why the TV keeps going on and off all the time.

Duchess: ““I’m changing it back to Animal Planet, do you mind?”


No more Jersey Shore re-runs, Susan? ;)

When They Were Handing Out Nosicles…

Sparky got lucky and got an XL!


;) Steve

Hey Buster, Maybe A Breath Mint?

Poor Miah doesn’t know what to think of Buster the Terrier.


LOL, Jim!

Two Good Reasons to Celebrate!

Five years ago, we “rescued” Cody from our local newspaper.  He was a “free to a good home” ad. 

We gave him a good home, and he gave us all the love and laughs we could handle!


I bet the cake made up for the hat, Richard! :)

No, Seriously, I’m a Mad Dog

Oh, don’t believe me?

I’m outta control, a powder keg, a wild card, a loose cannon!

Look, will you please stop giggling — I’m telling you, I could snap at any minute!

General really means it, Julie! ;)