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THIS JUST IN: Ridiculous Sheltie wedges

Apparently Quillow found a real comfy spot to hang out on a very rainy day.

I’m guessing it looks like she’ll stay there for a while.


Time to snuggle with her, Emma-Sofia!

Tookus, Tush, Tuffit? Whatever.

Butt, Booty, Bottom, Buns, Bumper?

Whatever you call it, it is cute!

willbuttWill is such a good sport, Constance! :)

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

You might not think so by his expression, but I’m guessing Bailey is glad to be rid of all that fur!

baileyfur:) Sandy

How Do You Do, Pepé Le Pew!

Stinky Declan!

skunkOh lucky you, Leslie!

And then she said, “You’re getting sleepy, verrrry …


Bailey Blu is mesmerized, Lauren! ;)