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Once and ONLY once!

This is Kiki on her 7th birthday on 9-25. The bone was a gift from my daughter. Kiki got the hat off and chewed the elastic. Guess she wanted to make sure she never had to wear it again!

Oh my, Sara! LOL

THIS JUST IN: Ridiculous Sheltie wedges

Apparently Quillow found a real comfy spot to hang out on a very rainy day.

I’m guessing it looks like she’ll stay there for a while.


Time to snuggle with her, Emma-Sofia!

Tookus, Tush, Tuffit? Whatever.

Butt, Booty, Bottom, Buns, Bumper?

Whatever you call it, it is cute!

willbuttWill is such a good sport, Constance! :)

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

You might not think so by his expression, but I’m guessing Bailey is glad to be rid of all that fur!

baileyfur:) Sandy

How Do You Do, Pepé Le Pew!

Stinky Declan!

skunkOh lucky you, Leslie!