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Lounge Sheltie

Our Buddy loves a good sofa . . . in fact he thinks this one is his.

Sheltie on the couch

For sure some days are just hard, Paige and Joey. ;)

Okay My Chores are Done

So, where is my treat?

Bailey helps mom and dad cleanup…well kinda.

Sheltie in barrow

Such a cherry little helper, Wayne and Denene! :)

You Snooze, You Loose!

Ya gotta be on time to bed if you want a spot.

Shelties in bed

Katie, Cody, Trevor, and Cooper the Cocker!

:) Janice

Yo, How YOU Doin’?

Scotty: s’up, dawg?

Sheltie in baseball hat

Fo’ shizzle, Jan!


Just a Little Patience

Don’t worry, Joey. They will be back soon.

Sheltie at the door

Isnt it nice to be missed, 4thmedium? :)