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I’m waiting.

For squirrels? Airplanes? The Mailman?

Probably all of the above.


Coucou has a truly a rough life, Tom.

Dry + Windy = Bad Hair Day!

Poor Wylie.

Everyone has a bad hair day every now and then.


But he looks so cute, Charlene! :)

Do You Speak Sheltie?

It’s pretty easy. Just watch the eyes.

Savanah: “OK. Whatever you say, Mommy!” :)

Barrington: “Are you kidding me?” :/


LOL, Mary!

What do you mean it’s YOUR bed?

Looks like someone has a different opinion on this particular topic.


Oh boy, Rick. You and Buffy need to have a chat. ;)

Pensive Pup

Brooklyn is perhaps thinking about whether to bark at…something now or wait for one second and then bark.

Oh, the decision!


A glimpse into the Sheltie mind, Rick!