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The Spy Who Smelled Me

Intelligence sources are tracking activity by Undercover Agent, Nosey (ahem…Fergus).


The nose always knows, Kerfuffle!

Job Site Supervisor

If you are about to undertake major renovations, consider employing a professional drop cloth sitting service.


Matilda is a funny girl, Pat!

Don’t You Forget About Me!

Oh no!

Poor Smulan!


I bet he turned around after he felt the burning eyes in his back right, Marie?

The Odd Couple

Which is Felix and which is Oscar?

hayleebed You need a second Sheltie for Haylee to cuddle with, Justin! ;)

Dude, Bad Idea!

Bentley is the Sheltie. Casey, the naughty Jack Russell.

Bentley is thinking, this is a very bad choice!


Those silly JRs, Kristen!