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What a Blowhard

It seems to be a soccer ball-related lecture, which could involve bogarting the soccer ball, or perhaps nearly shredding the soccer ball. Either way, Ollie’s getting a lecture loud enough to blow his ears back!


Fergus really is giving Ollie an Earful, kerfuffle!

Great Scot!

Noah is getting back to his Scottish roots for a day. :-)


He is so dapper, Ellen!


Bird Dog?

Lila wanted that baby bird so bad…and mommy bird was in tree, very upset.

I told her to leave it and she did!

It looks like the bird is asking me to save him/her!


What a good dog, Paula!


I’m waiting.

For squirrels? Airplanes? The Mailman?

Probably all of the above.


Coucou has a truly a rough life, Tom.

Dry + Windy = Bad Hair Day!

Poor Wylie.

Everyone has a bad hair day every now and then.


But he looks so cute, Charlene! :)