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OK Move Along, Nothing To See Here

Or is there?

Shelties on path

Hikes are probably always more interesting with Joy and Quinty along, Ron. :)

Mmm, What is that Smell?

Sailor, not so sure we agree with the mmm part.

Sheltie nose in shoe

:) Jeff

Sheltie Turn Down Service

Tipping with a cookie is the most obvious option here?

Sheltie begging

Rosie is a clever girl, Chuck! ;)

Mutiny on the HMS Sheltie

Not quite sure if Sailor has been given permission to come aboard?

Sheltie in boat door

Of course he has right, Jeff? :))

When it gets too crowded at home…

sometimes you just need to go out and get a second dog bed!

Squished together SheltiesCherokee and Rosie are making it work, Duane and Kathy!