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I’m The Man!

Handsome Simba got to play best man at a friend’s wedding.

Sheltie in tux

Congrats to your friends, Piyra!

The stars were twinkling…

and the night seemed to be made just for Chico and his mom.

Sheltie in twinkling lights

So lovely, Pauline!

Sunbeam Stare

Toby is trying to be dramatic?

Sheltie in sun and shadow

Love the toes peeking out too, Sharon. ;)

Mind If I Poke My Nose In Here?

I would be playing with those ear tuffs all the time too.

Shelties standing next to each other

BooBoo and Milicent are good friends, Paul

But Why do I Have to Make the Bed?

Nobody’s gonna see it.

Sheltie making bed

Oh but Charlie knows doesn’t he, Chuck?