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Normally I’m a cold weather kind of guy.

Arnie enjoys a warm fire every once and a while too!Sheltie by the fire

Awe Terry, you do live in Canada, so we understand! ;)


You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Bailey and Shadow discuss life on a beautiful afternoon.

Shelties laying in yard

Life is good, Robert. :)

Technically, I am not ON the sofa.

Crafty Java!

Sheltie in owners arms

A Sheltie’s gotta do what a Sheltie’s gotta do, Deborah! :)


Cruise Control

Elliot taking Lucy out for a ride…sort of. ;)

shelties in front seat of sports car

Take them for an ice cream, Donna! :))

How Now Brown Cow

Daisy thinks she is working the cattle.

Maybe if you count that they are lined up in a row?

Sheltie with cows

She looks so proud, Donna! :)