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Just a Little Patience

Don’t worry, Joey. They will be back soon.

Sheltie at the door

Isnt it nice to be missed, 4thmedium? :)


Be ye warned…

Daisy be barking!

Sheltie barking

Or is she singing, Donna? :)

This is SO comfy. I think I’ll stay here.

Well OK then, Rex.

Sheltie in chair

:) Vicki

No Cute for You!

Our 4 year old Zephyr has heard all the opinions and says:

Sheltie rasberry

Don’t tell him that Sheltie raspberries are still cute, Anja! :)

Sheltie Contemplation

Leeloo contemplates life, the universe and dog toys.

Not necessarily in that order. :)

Sheltie sitting

That is a seriously cute backside, Lee!