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Paddle Faster!

Sparky heads out for a morning paddle but gets impatient when we slow down to look at things. I get the “Hey, boss. Pick up the speed” look.


Such clear water, Steve and Nan!

We suggest a K9 float coat for Sparky’s extra safety! ;)

Absolutely Fabulous!

Kobe: “What do you think of these beauties?

Are they me or what?”


Margaret  ;)

Sunny Salutations

Roxy and Gigi are enjoying some California sun.

Meanwhile we who live on the east coast freeze. :(


So jealous, Liz!

Hello? Anyone?

Poor Declan.

He just wants to go for a walk!


They are so patient, wck. ;)

Windy Walkies!

Connor had a very windy walk on Ventura Beach today!


That’s quite a windy El Nino storm, Jackie!