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Sheltie Nation Trip Advisor

Barkley and Brooklyn are chilling at the Fairmont.

They give it two paws up!


And where will you sit, Rick? ;)

Don’t Be So Dramatic

Someone was a tad upset the door was closed. ;)

bentleyteeth(He was just poking his nose through a opening and his face was smushed, but he still kept it there.  No angry Sheltie!)
His teeth look great, Kristen. Haha!

We. Want. To. Come. In. NOW.

Logan and Shelby are hungry!


If only they had thumbs, Valerie!

WHO’S Chicken? Not ME!

Bentley’s friends want him to go outside and play… maybe?


Everybody loves chicken(s), KM! ;)

She’s singinnnngg in the rain?

Nah, looks more like Bella is sulking in the raincoat!


Awe, Melissa!