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When it gets too crowded at home…

sometimes you just need to go out and get a second dog bed!

Squished together SheltiesCherokee and Rosie are making it work, Duane and Kathy!

I Promise I’ve Been Good

Cross my paws!

Sheltie with paws crossedCathy, when is a Sheltie never good? LOL ;)

It’s a Package Deal

Deacon and his pillow are inseparable…it goes EVERYWHERE!

Sheltie on pillow

Of course it does, Jim and Bev!


I’m The Man!

Handsome Simba got to play best man at a friend’s wedding.

Sheltie in tux

Congrats to your friends, Piyra!

The stars were twinkling…

and the night seemed to be made just for Chico and his mom.

Sheltie in twinkling lights

So lovely, Pauline!