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Dad, Can We Go To The Park And Play?

Shelby and Ginger are ready to go!

How could you say no to those faces, Troy? :)

It’s Good to Be King

Kobe has claimed his seat throne.


:) The side-eye confirms he isn’t giving it up either right, Margaret?

Easy Translation

We see you has a cookie. :o

We has no cookie. :(

We think we should has your cookie! :))


That is exactly what Luca and Drey are saying, Alison!

Don’t You Know What Time It Is?

I didn’t even pose Callie, Denver & Sprite for this photo. I was pulling weeds and there they were.
(Of course, it was their suppertime so they were watching every move I made!)


Ah, the truth comes out, Debbie! ;)

What a Blowhard

It seems to be a soccer ball-related lecture, which could involve bogarting the soccer ball, or perhaps nearly shredding the soccer ball. Either way, Ollie’s getting a lecture loud enough to blow his ears back!


Fergus really is giving Ollie an Earful, kerfuffle!