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Shelties are ALWAYS hogging…

the couch, chair, bed, etc.

It doesn’t matter which one right, Bramble?

sheltie-bramble-couchOf course everything is for their comfort, Corby! ;)

Not Terribly Motivated

Shakespeare is D-O-N-E with his walk.

sheltie-done-walkI guess he told you, Lana!

Is this Hat a Bit too…Blue?

Chip must truly believe that a life as a model is very hard.


Love that face, Birgitte!

Hey! You Wanna Play Or Something?

Penny woke up from her morning nap and wanted to play ball.

I work from home and get this look quite often!


How on earth do you get anything done, Larry! :)

Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy 8th Kobe! May your year be as sweet as your cake!


What’s a party without friends?

So Chester is there to help Kobe celebrate!


Much loved puppies, Margaret! :)