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A Bug’s Perspective

Whatcha see, Zelda?


:) Rebecca

What are we watching tonight?

Whatever you want, cute little Logan!


Chance doesn’t seem to care, Gloria? :)

SOMEONE Is Waiting For You!

Toby is waiting and watching for his dad to come home from work. He does this every day.

Toby takes this “job” very seriously and he is very good at it!

You going to tell him it’s Saturday, Sharon? ;)

“Hey Honey? Did You Leave The Door Open?”

“Uh…no! I closed it behind me. I’m 100% positive. BTW, have you seen the kitteh?”


Maymee says: “If I could let you in Max, I would!”

LOL, Susie!

Do These Pantaloons Make My Butt Look Cuter?

Absolutely, Ranger!


So sassy, Mike!