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Wait, What Was Step Three Again?

Shea really wanted to help her daddy put the desk together.

She sat there very focused the whole time getting in the way…er, I mean helping!


Who needs an instruction manual when you have a Sheltie right, Jenni?

When You Need A Helping Paw

Sampson showing Conan a little brotherly love after surgery. Just melts Mom’s heart!


Melts our hearts too, Lauren!

Inspector Yin and Yang at your service!

Harvey and Bundy (he’s the one with the wide collar) are inspecting the new courtyard we had just decorated with pavers and stones; checking it is up to the stringent Sheltie standard.


So did it pass this very important inspection, Mary? ;)

A Sheltie Will NEVER Forget You!

Pebbles hasn’t seen Dad in 4 months because he was in school.

Isn’t it nice to be loved, Piya? :)

Smootchy Wootchy!

Andie says: “Pucker up mom!”


Ozzie is waiting patently, but seems to be taking the kissing booth way too seriously, Kate. ;)