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What Is This You Say?

This awesome cold, white stuff will melt someday?


Sammy looks so introspective, Jodi!

Shelties are ALWAYS hogging…

the couch, chair, bed, etc.

It doesn’t matter which one right, Bramble?

sheltie-bramble-couchOf course everything is for their comfort, Corby! ;)

Not Terribly Motivated

Shakespeare is D-O-N-E with his walk.

sheltie-done-walkI guess he told you, Lana!

Is this Hat a Bit too…Blue?

Chip must truly believe that a life as a model is very hard.


Love that face, Birgitte!

Hey! You Wanna Play Or Something?

Penny woke up from her morning nap and wanted to play ball.

I work from home and get this look quite often!


How on earth do you get anything done, Larry! :)