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Hay There!

Skipper and Sparky wait for the hay wagon.


Doing their part to help around the farm, Stephen?


The Suffering Sheltie

Java went on a long hike.

Now he is tired and is resting in his Mom’s lap.


I dunno Deb, I think it’s Sheltie for carry me home?

Welcome To The ‘Hood(ie)

Sasha, hiding under them isn’t the same as wearing them.


Silly girl, Joan. ;)

Can I have it now, please?

Here is Deacon celebrating his 2nd birthday with a yummy PB oatmeal cupcake!


OH my, Beverly.

That does look yummy!


Come on, I’m ready for bed!

If you want to know where is the most comfortable nap place in the house, look for the Sheltie-guaranteed they’ll be in it!sasha-bed-sheltieNice of Sasha to wait for you, Joan. :)