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Mind If I Poke My Nose In Here?

I would be playing with those ear tuffs all the time too.

Shelties standing next to each other

BooBoo and Milicent are good friends, Paul

But Why do I Have to Make the Bed?

Nobody’s gonna see it.

Sheltie making bed

Oh but Charlie knows doesn’t he, Chuck?


Ever Get The Feeling…

 Jax has the ability to photobomb Shelby’s poses every time.
Sheltie over shoulder

Always watching, Julia and Jim!



Normally I’m a cold weather kind of guy.

Arnie enjoys a warm fire every once and a while too!Sheltie by the fire

Awe Terry, you do live in Canada, so we understand! ;)


You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Bailey and Shadow discuss life on a beautiful afternoon.

Shelties laying in yard

Life is good, Robert. :)