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It’s 5:01PM somewhere in the world.

Benjamin is 13 years old, half blind and almost deaf.

But he waits every day in the chair looking out the front bay window for our cars. When mom & dad are home, all is good in his world.

Shetland Sheepdog waiting for owner to come home.

Isn’t it nice to be loved, Chris?¬† :)

I Want My SheltieTV

Shaggy says: “this would be perfect if it had smell-o-vision too!”

Dog watching TV


Hey, Look What I Found in the Sofa!

Sheltie dog on couch

Paige, of COURSE you bought that sofa just for Buddy!

SN Weather Alert: Foggy Morning in Proctorsville, VT

Good thing Foghorn Rosie is on duty to warn other nearby Shelties of any dangers that may be lurking in the dog yard!

Blue Merle Sheltie Barking

Good one, Tracey! :))

Who’s the Boss?

Miss Trixie would not allow me to leave the house without her this morning as there was a storm in the area.

I adopted her from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue almost 2 years ago.

She can boss you around any time right, Shirlee?