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Nooo, not the side eye!

Oh Coco, what could it be?!

Sheltie side eye

Thanks to Tammy!

I Got Yer Happy Birthday Right Here

Oh my. That is some serious stink eye.

Shelties wearing birthday hats

Tanner & Ariel just celebrated their 14th Birthday!

They are so sweet, Tina!


Are Ya READY, Ma?

Sasha waits patiently for he walkie!

Sheltie puppy ready for walk

Such a sweet face, Joan!

I could get used to this.

Sheltie birthday party

Bailey is one spoiled Sheltie, Robert!

Just the way it should be! :)

But I don’t want to wear this hat!

Kobe (sort of) celebrating his birthday with his new rescue buddy Caleb.

Shelties in birthday hats

Poor Caleb, Margaret! He’ll get the hang of it!