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Job Site Supervisor

If you are about to undertake major renovations, consider employing a professional drop cloth sitting service.


Matilda is a funny girl, Pat!

Don’t You Forget About Me!

Oh no!

Poor Smulan!


I bet he turned around after he felt the burning eyes in his back right, Marie?

The Odd Couple

Which is Felix and which is Oscar?

hayleebed You need a second Sheltie for Haylee to cuddle with, Justin! ;)

Dude, Bad Idea!

Bentley is the Sheltie. Casey, the naughty Jack Russell.

Bentley is thinking, this is a very bad choice!


Those silly JRs, Kristen!

So Conflicted

Luna says: “how on earth do I herd these without getting wet?”


We can hear the wheels turning in that head, Jurgen!