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When you’re smiling, keep on smiling…

especially while you are out for a walk!

Shelties on walk

Caleb and Kobe look like they are having fun, Margaret!

Greetings From Brazil

The exotic wildlife!

The breathtaking views!

Cute Sheltie smiles!?

Sheltie in Brazil

Julieta is adorable, Jennifer! :)


Sheltie Forecaster

Looks like Mika is forecasting windy weather (from the east) today!

Sheltie in wind
Love that smile, Alexandre!

Sunshine… on your Sheltie…


Sheltie in a sunbeam

Lola is our sunshine today too, Lisa & Robert. :)


Zoom! Zoom!

Cheyenne is such a happy girl!

Smiling Sheltie running
Sheltie zoomies are the best, Marla! :)