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Sea Smiles!

Thomas and Madison are loving their first time on the beach!


 :) Shari

Wait—sunbeam AND a Sheltie? MUST BE HEAVEN!

Scotch, you are so handsome!

Sheltie in sunbeam

;) Stephanie

A Sheltie Walks into a Pet Store…

Sky apparently finds mommy’s jokes hilarious.

Shetland Sheepdog smiling

Must have been a good punch line, Teresa! ;))

If Puppy’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy!

Cadfael says: “thanks for the walk, mom!”

Cute Sheltie on grass

Happy boy, Janice. What a sweet face!

Super Easy Chair

Scottie says: “Let’s cuddle!”

Sheltie standing on chair

Awe, Tina what a sweet face!