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Why Did The Sheltie Try To Cross The Bridge?

Shakes: “Maybe there are some really yummy cookies over there?”


Bridge to yummies, Lana!

Panoramic Pups!

Barkley and Brooklyn send greetings from Merced National Wildlife Refuge.


California is truly beautiful, Rick!

Are We Going On a Trip?

Fergus says: “Are we going on a trip?”


The luggage comes out and they just know don’t they, Kerfuffle!

I’m On the Right Train!

Sparky and Skipper waiting for the Grand Canyon Scenic train.

Yes they’ve been tagged! :)


Best kind of carry on, Stephen! ;)

The Hills Are Alive…

with the sounds of barking.


The Eifel (Belgium) looks like such a beautiful place, Wulle!