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Worth Checking IN!

Ben is camping at a local hotel with his humans while their apartment is being renovated.

Sheltie in hotel

A Movie, meal AND chew treat?

He wont want to go home Elizabeth! :)

OK, Time for a Break

Elliot thinks long hikes in the NC woods is a tad bit tiring?

Sheltie with tongue out

:) Donna

Have Sheltie Will Travel

Sparky is on the ferry heading back to his home on San Juan Island after four month’s traveling and camping in Baja California.

Sheltie on ferry

Wow, what a life, Steve!

Cooper Goes Racing!

Cooper is ready for a ride in a Mercedes 190SL race car.
He loves going for rides and is always up for an adventure!

Sheltie in race car

Can we go for a ride too, Jeff? :)

Stunning! Gorgeous!

Connor is visiting Carrizo Plain National Monument in central California while the wildflowers are in bloom.

Sheltie in wildflowers
Amazing photo, Jackie. This should be a painting!