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Celebrate Good Times!

We drove to Oregon from Northern California over a week, stopping at so many beaches. The trip was to celebrate Gavin finishing his Radiation therapy and recovering his strength, It was about 2 months after his radiation sores healed. (You can see his little hairless left rear paw in the picture if you look hard.) His harness came in handy as he needed to be portaged over some of the Oregon beach driftwood at times. He had a blast playing in the water and sand, and is an amazing road tripper and hotel guest!

Sheltie on the beach

What a fun and memorable way celebrate, Cindy!

Hello from Switzerland!

A beautiful Harpo in the equally beautiful Maienfeld, Switzerland.

Sheltie in Switzerland
Oooh can we come visit, Isabelle? :)

Welcome To My Fort!

Java was welcome at the pet-friendly historic site Fort Ticonderoga in upstate N.Y.


He looks like he is having fun, Deborah!



3 Shelties, 1 Big Adventure!

Annie, Oakley and Deacon are ready to hit the road!


Thank you Dolly and Linda!

Tourist Shelties

Brooklyn and Barkley visit beautiful Crater Lake


Wow, so blue and beautiful, Rick!