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Top Dogs

Sister and Little Miss climbed a mountain. Just chillin’ at the top and enjoying the beautiful spring view!

I’d climb a mountain too if Shelties were at the top, Ginny! ;)

Lazin’ by the Lake

Gracee at beautiful Kluane (Clue-on-e) Lake in the Yukon.

So beautiful, Dale!

Little Dog, Big trees!

But Everett has a personality bigger than any redwood!

Looks like it was a fun vacation, Steve!

Look yonder

Witness the majestic landscape. The blue skies. The lush ravines. The deep, clear waters.

Pretty Shelties named Shadow.  :)

What else would you expect while hiking along the Arkansas River in central Colorado?

Star power for sure, Lum!

Vintage Sheltie

‘Rosy Cheeks’ for the name of a wine? How passé.

‘Sparkling Sheltie’ has a MUCH better ring to it, don’t you think?

I think Everett needs to be on the label, Stephen.  :)

Sweet Cheeks Winery looks like a beautiful place to visit!