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Backseat Barkers

Aslan, Tayla, and tri-color Bodhi are all ready for a trip to…the local cookie mart?

So nice to see them buckled up safely, Sarah!

Meanwhile at the Barka Raton

I asked my mom how my dog Maxx was doing in Florida. She responded with this:

LOL…good times, Erica!

Top Dogs

Sister and Little Miss climbed a mountain. Just chillin’ at the top and enjoying the beautiful spring view!

I’d climb a mountain too if Shelties were at the top, Ginny! ;)

Lazin’ by the Lake

Gracee at beautiful Kluane (Clue-on-e) Lake in the Yukon.

So beautiful, Dale!

Little Dog, Big trees!

But Everett has a personality bigger than any redwood!

Looks like it was a fun vacation, Steve!