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3 Shelties on a Kayak

Wait, this wasn’t the beginning of a funny joke? :)

Shelties on kayak

Gunner, Kai and Foxy look ready for an adventure, Janet!

Captain…Or First Mate?

Or ballast? Haha!

Sheltie on water

(Sparky settles down for a kayak trip on the Sea of Cortez.)

The water looks so calm, Stephen!

It’s still summer somewhere in the world!

Elliot at the river, ready to go paddleboarding!

Sheltie on paddleboard

:) Donna

Just Keep Swimming!

Annie Laurie, going on 15, started swimming in August to help with her heart disease and weakening back legs. Now she swims a quarter mile once a week — and it’s as if she’s turned back the clock!

Sheltie swimming

So glad to hear how well she is doing, Chris! :))

Land Ho?!

Sparky tells me to speed it up to get ashore for his morning walk!

Sheltie on a boat

Wow, ruff way to spend the last days of summer, Stephen! :)