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Sprinkler Fun!

When it’s 98 degrees plus, Beau knows how to beat the heat.


He certainly does, George!


Who Likes the Beach?

Happy apparently doesn’t mind getting his feet wet in the Florida Keys!



Caught Wet Pawed!

Sparky is spending his winter checking out the beach in Baja California.

He is careful to not go in water over his knees. But all things considered I think he would prefer snow to sand.


Time to take him to the snowy mountains then, Nan and Steve! ;)

You Never Take Me Anywhere!

This statement has clearly never been uttered by little Declan!


He seems to love the NYC Canine Cruise, wck!

Mildly Perturbed Sheltie

It was 103 degrees in Ojai, California this past week.

Connor’s mom thought it was a great time for a bath.

I think Connor would disagree.


They never think it is a good time, Jackie. ;)