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Why are you smiling?

Marley says: “Serious Bailey we are on a boat with life jackets, why are you smiling? You can go first then!”


Too funny, Sandy!

It’s So Hot Even Shelties Like the Pool

Elayna looks pretty relaxed!


You both stay cool, Arlene!

Delicious floating morsels!

Riley and Murphy are cooling off in the pool.

Hugs to you for adopting these two cuties, Jannelle!

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

Nah, more like Coral is heading for shore!

sheltie swimming in ocean

Neat perspective, Jennifer!

And now, a grumpy Sheltie

Poor Tanner. Baths tend to do that for you.

wet sheltie after a bath

Is that a pout, Tina?