Sheltie Nation

Can I Haz Wings?

Poor Stitch. Birdies so close, yet so far.

sheltie looking up

LOL, Cathy!

Belly of the cute

Shelby is a true survivor.

She is a rescue from an animal hoarder who died. Thankfully we were able to save Shelby and she is my heart and soul. I think she really did rescue me. She adds joy and her life is a complete spoiling everyday. I am blessed to have her.

Sheltie on back

Looks like she is equally happy to have you too, Annamarie!

Hoverball Sheltie

Buddy says: weeeee!

sheltie running in snow

Love his happy expression, Jo!

That’s Close Enough

(L to R) Velo, Oliver, Indy and Gibson are quite content with the water just out of reach.

Shelties by water

Beautiful dogs, Carol!

Snow Roll Nirvana

Not quite sure which end is up, but I suspect Casey is VERY happy.

sheltie rolling

:) Lorie