Sheltie Nation

Will Chase for Fun!

It’s crazy time for Luna & Samme!


Such fun, Dawn!  ;)

Magical Sheltie Forest

A magical Forest, with nymphs and fairies and perhaps a Sheltie?


You and Darby have a great forest to explore, Beth. :)

This is Sparta!

Did you think I was quoting the movie 300?

Ha, ha nope. Really, this is Sparta. Isn’t she cute?


Norway is amazingly beautiful, Nina. Welcome to Sheltie Nation!

If I Fits, I Sits!

Lacey, you are adorable!


Lucky you, Judy!

Puppy Prayers

Stanley visits the chapel at Dog Mountain.

He was confused by the carvings, thinking they were live dogs at first and he went up to greet them!


Thank you, Cynthia. I do think I need to go for a visit too!