Sheltie Nation

Scottish Devil

Here’s one of my “little devil” Tess. Her first stink eye at age eight months.

Yes, there were treats involved. Surely not to be the last!

Sheltie in devil suit

Such a good dad you are, Ken!

Bring on the Costumes!

Dr. Lecter and Murdock want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

They were a hot dog and a taco! :)

Shelties in costumes
So cute, Mariah!

It’s that Time of Year!

Out come the jack jake o’ lanterns!

Jake says: “be safe and have fun!”

Sheltie in pumpkin costume
Of course cookies help too right, Alana and John? ;)

Fall Fun

Lola’s favorite time of the year!

Sheltie with fall decorations

Mine too, Lisa!


Sheltie Life Imitates Art

The Andrew Wyeth painting “Christina’s World”.

Christina's World

We shall call this “Java’s World”.

Sheltie in field

Love it, Deborah! :))