Sheltie Nation

Keep an eye out for the squirrels!

Don’t worry, Shelby and Logan are on it!


:) Val

Oh the Shedding!

Old English Sheepdogs Sophie and Sarah hang out with much less floofy Kybeau and Dyjoux!


Such a windy photo, Cee!

Thanks For The Baby!

Cooper and Noa introduce little baby Coen!


Congrats to your family, Denise! So cute!

And This Is My “Dog of Destiny” Pose

Sitting confidently, gazing pensively at the horizon.

Now there’s a Sheltie who must be looking at a cookie. :)


Valentino is such a handsome fellow, Heather!

Stetson has some big shoes to fill!


And a little hat too, Marc! :)