Baron and Logan are hogging the doorway.

Laddie wants in, Smudge the cat wants out!

Sheltie in doorway

Always want what they don’t have, Gloria!



Here we finally have a meeting of all 6 of our family’s Shelties.

They are all such good friends and had so much fun playing together. They weren’t thrilled about having to stop for a photo but they cooperated…mostly.

SIx Shelties

From left to right: Maggie, Sophie, Myla, Little Emma, Macy, Ruby

That’s an awesome number of Shelties, Christine! :)

We overnighted at a lovely hotel en route to Hopkinsville KY for the eclipse.

Annie Laurie, who is 15 years old and loves a road trip, was utterly delighted with the accommodations!

Sheltie happy

Such a happy girl, Chris!