Sheltie Nation

Smiles All Around!

We are so pleased to welcome Toby Blue into our family!

Smiling Sheltie puppy

Lucky you, Ann! Love that smile! :)

“ Sheltieday, In The Park ..”

Why do I feel like humming a tune?Shelties in park

Kobe & Caleb are lovely, Margaret. ;)


Supper Time!

Clearly Sassy, Chloe, Dusty, Shadow and Missy are starving for attention!

Shelties at table

How fun, Dee! ;)

“Did I Ever Tell You…”

Yes Seamus, we know now!

Sheltie barking

They always have something to say, Roy!


Brain freeze!

Bonnie is not concerned about her girlish figure.

Sheltie eating ice cream

We are a judgement free zone, Karen. LOL :))