Sheltie Nation

Have Sheltie Will Travel

Sparky is on the ferry heading back to his home on San Juan Island after four month’s traveling and camping in Baja California.

Sheltie on ferry

Wow, what a life, Steve!

Bald is IN

Annie shares her insights on baldness.
Sheltie with hair on head

It’s a great look, Ken. ;)

This is how you do it!

Our foster from Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue is showing the rest of our Shelties how catching a ball should be done!

Sheltie jumping for ball

Pepper has skills, Janie!

Easter Bunny’s Little Helper

Little Laci Grace says: “Happy Easter everyone!”

Sheltie on easter

She is adorable, Linda!

Mmm, What is that Smell?

Sailor, not so sure we agree with the mmm part.

Sheltie nose in shoe

:) Jeff