Sheltie Nation

Mischievous Grin!

Classic Bash, rips all of his favorite toys to absolute shreds!

Sheltie and torn toy

He does look very pleased with himself, Dominique!

Aw, Don’t Be Shy

Kylie seems a bit camera shy. :)

Shy Sheltie

He looks so sweet peeking out, Sally!

Sunbeam Stare

Sun-bathed Sheltie with serious gaze
soulful eyes hint at mysterious ways.

Sheltie in sunbeam

Cooper has a ruff life, Kate!

Happy Mother’s Day!

┬áNyame, Chandra, Selene and mother Voske – 15 days old!

Sheltie mom and puppies

Awe, so sweet K9wolfje!


I’m too Sexy!

Ariel is all dressed up for her red carpet runway walk as a past mascot for Woofstock in Kansas City.

Sheltie dressed up

Too funny, Jill!