Sheltie Nation

Green November?

Chester & Kobe, enjoy that green grass while it lasts!


Bet the smiles will be just as big with a white lawn, Margaret. :)

New from the Sheltie Portrait Studio

Patrick, you are so very handsome!


Lovely photo, Ron!

Share the love…and the food.

We adopted Dave 3 weeks ago from our vet.
Fenway took on the role of “Dave’s Guardian” within minutes of meeting Dave and shares his toys and food with him.

fenwaycat Nice to see they became instant buddies, Carla!

Sunday In The Park

Remington is out for a fun day at the park.

Shetland Sheepdog in grass

Big smile, Kimberly!

Jetset Puppy

Tucker is a rescue from Nashville, TNĀ  who is now living in Kusel, Germany.


Classic side eye, Chelsea!