Sheltie Nation

Hiding In Plain Sight

Sheltie hiding in leaves

 Fantastic perspective of Tjure, Silke!

Every Sheltie Owner’s Thanksgiving

Begging for T-U-R-K-E-Y!!!

And naps.

Shelties on couch

Elliot and Lucy ARE super spoiled couch hogs, Donna! ;)

Sheltie-Issue Camo

Ben, you are a perfect match!

Sheltie in leaves

Those sables blend so well, Elizabeth!

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Bailey and Shadow discuss life on a beautiful afternoon.

Shelties laying in yard

Life is good, Robert. :)

Technically, I am not ON the sofa.

Crafty Java!

Sheltie in owners arms

A Sheltie’s gotta do what a Sheltie’s gotta do, Deborah! :)