Sheltie Nation

I Just Have That Kind of Face

My Bill has the most loving soul.

You can see the sweetness in his eyes!

Soulful Sheltie

You can see it shining through, Emma!



Nooo, not the side eye!

Oh Coco, what could it be?!

Sheltie side eye

Thanks to Tammy!

Bed Hogs!

Ozzie and Andie left just a little room for the human.

How considerate.

Shelties hogging bed

Truly a rough life, Robert.

I Got Yer Happy Birthday Right Here

Oh my. That is some serious stink eye.

Shelties wearing birthday hats

Tanner & Ariel just celebrated their 14th Birthday!

They are so sweet, Tina!


Puppy Pose

Molly says: “hello world!”

Sheltie puppy

Congrats, Jamie! Love that face!