Sheltie Nation

What Do You Mean?

I AM smiling.

Cute Sheltie

Callie sure is 9lbs of precious, Debbie!

We Have A Closed Door Policy Here

And Andy seems displeased about this!

Sheltie at closed door

That is a stink-eye, John! :))

This Bookcase Wuz Made For Sleeping…

Is that really comfy, Barkley?

Sheltie sleeping

Guess so, Rick! ;)

Lazin’ by the Lake

Merlin, you have a ruff life!

Sheltie at lake

We want to come visit, Mark! :)

Gardener Wanna-be

Daisy is the kind of gardener I need.

Sheltie near shubs

What’s her hourly rate, Donna? ;)