Sheltie Nation

Greetings from Sheltie Camp!

This amazing event took place in Sweden in 2011.


(I love the Sheltie sleeping right in the middle of all the hubbub!)

Holly cow, Marie! What an event that was!

Magnify the Cute!

Shown here in this 1000X magnified photo, C.J verifies for us that Shelties are VERY nosy.



What’s Warmer and Fuzzier Than A Sleepy Sheltie?


Night night.


Bravo is so lovely, Courtney!

The Little Community Helper

After a particularly bad storm at the end of June with trees down everywhere, Tasia felt it was her civic duty to help our community clean up the aftermath!

She sure loves her ‘sticks’ – the bigger, the better. Onward to the next fallen tree!


She is a handy girl to have around, Laurie!

Toesday At Sheltie Nation

I suddenly smell Fritos!


Ellie has a sweet puppy paw, Kelley!