Sheltie Nation

Patriotic Pup!

Doesn’t Teddy look like he is declaring is candidacy for President?

Sheltie and american flag bow

:) Julie

Always with the Kissing

And it never gets old.

Sheltie kisses

Logan is a doll, Gloria!


Rags to Riches!

Happy Seventh Birthday to Sprite!

It’s been six years since we adopted her from Rescue. She was a stray, living in someone’s carport through a cold winter with a litter of puppies. Now she’s living a life of luxury.

Adopted Sheltie

Hugs for adopting, Debbie!

Any Takers?

Daisy is ready!

Sheltie and ball

:) Donna

Act Casual

Java’s strategy is to act nonchalant as possible while waiting for that elusive chipmunk.

Tee hee, Deb!