Sheltie Nation

An Afternoon on the Farm

Max inspects the hay field on a windy day.

Sheltie in hay field

Looks like it met his approval, Mark? :)

Bring on the Kids!

Daphne is waiting for her kids in Reading Paws!

Sheltie at school

What a wonderful thing to do together, Mary!

The Perfect Sheltie Evening

Daisy and her ball. Not a care in the world!

Sheltie with ball at sunset

Such a lovely photo, Donna!


Mischievous Grin!

Classic Bash, rips all of his favorite toys to absolute shreds!

Sheltie and torn toy

He does look very pleased with himself, Dominique!

Aw, Don’t Be Shy

Kylie seems a bit camera shy. :)

Shy Sheltie

He looks so sweet peeking out, Sally!