Sheltie Nation

I Am the Goddess of the Fall

Thanks for the reminder that winter isn’t here quite yet, Dory!


A pretty girl, Kelly!

Winter’s Going Great!

Opal loves this time of the year!


Such a cutie, Sylvie!

Wow-worthy Portraiture

I worked at a pet store at the weekend and took some photos of a really nice Sheltie called Santtu.

He were a pleasure to work with.


Thanks for submitting, Craig!

Shelties are ALWAYS hogging…

the couch, chair, bed, etc.

It doesn’t matter which one right, Bramble?

sheltie-bramble-couchOf course everything is for their comfort, Corby! ;)

Wild Thing, U Make Our Hearts Sing

You sing it, Coucou!


Can he really carry a tune, Tom?