Sheltie Nation

St. Patrick’s Poll: Who does the holiday better?


St. Patrick's Sheltie

Or Elliott?

St. Patrick's Sheltie

Its a tie, Donna!

How can we choose between such cuteness!? :))

You Need More Sleep…

Meeko, your tongue is leaking. Go back to bed. :)

Sheltie with tongue out

So cute, Jackie!

When it gets too crowded at home…

sometimes you just need to go out and get a second dog bed!

Squished together SheltiesCherokee and Rosie are making it work, Duane and Kathy!

You Had One Job

I was sick and crashed on the couch with Jax as my nurse. It appears that he may have fallen asleep on the job.

napping Sheltie

Awe, but he looks so comfy, Kate. All is forgiven. :)

Q: How Do Sheltie Puppies Sleep?

Awe, they sleep as cute as they want!

Sheltie puppy sleeping

Sadie is adorable, Jack!