Sheltie Nation

Caught Wet Pawed!

Sparky is spending his winter checking out the beach in Baja California.

He is careful to not go in water over his knees. But all things considered I think he would prefer snow to sand.


Time to take him to the snowy mountains then, Nan and Steve! ;)

Snow Bees!

Wallace and Mattie tear up the joint!


Fun times, Dave!

What Do You Mean, I’m Fuzzy?


Charlie is such a cutie, Bob!

Decisions, Decisions

Jesse was given a choice between having a treat or playing with his teddy bear.

It took longer than you can imagine to decide.


I’m sure he ended up with both because he is so cute, right Brian? ;)

I’m Gonna Sulk ‘Til You Play With Me

Ajax & Merly are working the guilt angle pretty hard.


Such a look, Gerald!