Sheltie Nation

Why can’t somebody throw something!?

Lochie is at beautiful Ocean Grove Beach in Australia.


What an amazing place, Margaret!

Four On The Floor

Link knows where the cool place to be is this summer.


Such a sweet face, Marie!

WHO’S Chicken? Not ME!

Bentley’s friends want him to go outside and play… maybe?


Everybody loves chicken(s), KM! ;)

Ready For A Road Trip

Dylan, Ginger and Misty are all dressed up and ready to hit the road.


Welcome to Sheltie Nation, Doug! :)

Summer Fun

The simple joys in life… attacking the water hose, chasing birds, and barking at airplanes.

How else would a Sheltie spend their summer? ;)


Lindy is a silly Sheltie, Rob & Dawn!