Sheltie Nation

The Sweetest Ring Bearer

Benji brought the rings!

Sheltie at wedding

Congrats Niek!

You Know the Rules!

You throw it, but FIRST you have to take it!

Sheltie with foot on frisbee

Jack looks very serious about that rule, Barbara and David. ;)

Okay My Chores are Done

So, where is my treat?

Bailey helps mom and dad cleanup…well kinda.

Sheltie in barrow

Such a cherry little helper, Wayne and Denene! :)

Sheltie Recites Haiku

I lie, belly up
In the sun. I am happier
Than you will ever be.
Anonymous dog

Sheltie in grassStewart has a ruff life, Jenny! :)

Hedgehog: It’s What We Play With!

Scotty is waiting. Let’s play!

Sheltie and toy

What a sweet face, Jan!