Sheltie Nation

Who Likes the Beach?

Happy apparently doesn’t mind getting his feet wet in the Florida Keys!



Lap Dog

If you look up “Lap Dog” in the dictionary, you should see this picture beside it. :).

Fang has such a sweet expression, Casidy!

Sweet Slumbering Senior Shelties!

Mr Chance and little Jasmine decided to take an afternoon nap together.


Always better to nap with friends, Gloria. :)

Goodbye Harsh Streets, Hello Upscale Retreat!

Destiny was rescued at about 5 months of age, from a rural road in NC, in 2005.

She was wild when I got her and she must have been on the road for awhile.


Hugs for giving her a loving home, Janet.

She looked like she adored you! <3

Some Sunshine and A Head Tilt

A can’t miss photo op!peanut-sheltie-sun

Peanut certainly has posing down pat, Amber! :)