Sheltie Nation

I Kissed a Sheltie…

and liked it!

Kissing Sheltie

What’s not to love about cute little Focus? ;)

Thanks to Alexander and Gloria!

Greetings From Brazil

The exotic wildlife!

The breathtaking views!

Cute Sheltie smiles!?

Sheltie in Brazil

Julieta is adorable, Jennifer! :)


This Post Is For The Birds!

Lilly: “But chasing squirrels makes me thirsty!”

Sheltie on bird bath

;) Wayne

The IT Girl’s Guide to Frisbee

Pink Bows.

Need I say more?

Sheltie and frisbee

Of course pretty girls can still play frisbee right, Donna? :)

Lovin’ Life in Snowy Utah!

Tess says, “Let it snose, let it snose, let it snose!”

Sheltie in the snow

She just keeps getting cuter, Ken!