Sheltie Nation

Inspecting the Insufficient Treats

Katie thinks they are VERY insufficient.

Sheltie with nose in treat bagThat nose does come in handy, Cathy!

The Year of the Sheltie

“Greetings, Sheltie Nation. Happy New Year!

My mom got me all dressed up and sent me to work. My job – to get you to share photos of your favorite Sheltie(s) in unusual, cute and fun situations.  (Just like me. Aren’t I cute?)

(Email your photos to Be sure to include your name and your pup’s name too!)

See you here in 2017!

Smooches, Teddy”

Sheltie wearing tie

New Year’s Resolution

Wear fewer hats.

Shelties in party hats

Helix and Hugo are adorable, Ida!

Ayda’s new puppy!

Who is a lucky girl!?

Girl and new puppy

Palmer is adorable, Jeremy!

A Dog’s Life

The sleeping accommodations are always comfortable.

Shelties napping

Bonny and George seem to be getting along just fine, Cher and Scott. :)