Sheltie Nation

Champion of my Heart

This is Remmie who was adopted last year from NJ Sheltie Rescue.

This was her 1st NJ Sheltie Picnic. :)

Rescued Sheltie

OMG, such sweet ribbon too!

Luck you, Crew!

WHO Had A Good Day? WHO Did? YOU Did!

This is my sweet sheltie Champ! He was diagnosed with a nasal tumor and had radiation, he was doing really well and then unfortunately 6 months later had a seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At this point we are keeping him comfortable, loving him, enjoying every moment and spoiling him while we can! He truly is a sweet dog and the 23rd was his 11 1/2 birthday so what better way to celebrate than with a yummy cake! Champ and his Sheltie siblings loved it!
Sheltie birthday cake

What a lovely boy, Rachel!


Keep your peepers open!

You just might see Annie hiding in the leaves. :)

Sheltie in leaves

Sill girl, Karen & Mark!


Rudy: kronche!Sheltie eating treat

:) Marla

Hello from Switzerland!

A beautiful Harpo in the equally beautiful Maienfeld, Switzerland.

Sheltie in Switzerland
Oooh can we come visit, Isabelle? :)