Java’s strategy is to act nonchalant as possible while waiting for that elusive chipmunk.

Tee hee, Deb!

Emerson Rose (Emmy) and Ella Rose are sisters that we adopted one year apart through Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue. They are sisters through and through. One minute loving all over each other and the next minute wanting nothing to do with each other. After living in a puppy mill for 7 years they have acclimated quite well to the life they deserve.

Rescued Shelties

Hugs for adopting such sweeties, Beth.


Snickers was adopted from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St Louis, MO. She enjoys exploring the plants in my garden and watching the squirrels in the backyard.

Sheltie in garden

Hugs for adopting, Barb!

I know, I know.

Who would have thought I’d feel so good after a day at the groomers?

Sheltie groomed

Deacon is such a handsome boy, Beverly!