Sheltie Nation

Does A Sheltie Sit in the Woods?

Apparently so. :)


Buddy Two Shoes taking a break hiking at Shamokin Springs at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia. Buddy is a rescue from Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue thru Shetland Sheepdog Rescue of New Jersey.

Hugs to you for adopting, Joyce!

Saddle UP, Cowboy!

This is our much loved Shasta.

We adopted her from the Tulsa Sheltie Rescue although we live in Kansas City.


He doesn’t even need a cowboy hat to be cute, Brian!

The Tongue!

Elliot is catchin’ snow flakes in his sleep. :)


He is adorable, Donna!


3 Shelties, 1 Big Adventure!

Annie, Oakley and Deacon are ready to hit the road!


Thank you Dolly and Linda!

It’s The Little Things

What a joy it is to take a quiet walk through the woods with my best friend Denver on a beautiful summer day.

Memorable moments, Debbi. :)