Sheltie Nation

From the Muppet Files

Jordie (AKA, Mr. Fuzzypants) is cute coming or going!

sheltie trotting away

Love those fuzzy butts, Ambodavenz!

Every Girl Loves Her Shoes

Annie is a shoo-in of cuteness!

Sheltie in a box

Couldn’t resist the pun, Ken! :))

Mind If I Poke My Nose In Here?

I would be playing with those ear tuffs all the time too.

Shelties standing next to each other

BooBoo and Milicent are good friends, Paul

Finding the Perfect Box

It is more than a place of rest; it is a spiritual center tailored to each Sheltie’s unique karmic needs.

Sheltie in a box

Kira looks like she likes it, Liana!

Some Things Never Change

Well would you look at that.

A Sheltie in a person’s chair.

That never happens.

Sheltie in chair

Mika is very handsome, Alexandre!