Sheltie Nation

I Blend Right In! :)

Look closely – somewhere in those shadows is a Scooby Doo!

Sheltie under a tree in shade

He is so stealthy, Lessa. LOL


But Mom, We Don’t Understand?!

Forbes and LT just don’t get why their mom has to go work every day.

Shelties giving the look

Mine are just as confused, Melissa! ;)

If The Shoe Fits…

His name is Billy the Kid (because although he LOOKS sweet, he IS an outlaw!)

Sheltie puppy sitting

They are charmingly deceiving, Marti! ;)

Under-the-desk Napping

Logan is doing a great job hold that desk leg up.

Sheltie sleeping under table

He looks so sweet, Gloria!

Sheltie on Steve Hartman’s On the Road Segment

In the video he gets his father ready to move into a nursing home.

His father gets to keep his dog…see him? :)

leaving-home-headlinesframe4126A sweet story for sure.