Sheltie Nation

Potted Puppy!


Looks like Joey might be ready for a transplant to a bigger pot, Steve and Di! ;)

At the Beach. Havin’ a Ball!

Was yesterday’s post cold enough for you?

Tjure will warm you right up!


I can almost feel the sand between my toes, Silke! ;)

Sure, It May Be September 16th…

but winter is coming.

Jessie looks unfazed.


Say it ain’t so, Listen!

LOTS of Toebeans on Tuesday!

Leeloo looks like he needs a belly rub!


They have it so rough don’t they, Lee?

Mildly Perturbed Sheltie

It was 103 degrees in Ojai, California this past week.

Connor’s mom thought it was a great time for a bath.

I think Connor would disagree.


They never think it is a good time, Jackie. ;)