Sheltie Nation

3 Shelties, 1 Big Adventure!

Annie, Oakley and Deacon are ready to hit the road!


Thank you Dolly and Linda!

It’s The Little Things

What a joy it is to take a quiet walk through the woods with my best friend Denver on a beautiful summer day.

Memorable moments, Debbi. :)

Now One Of The Family

Caleb was abandoned and left outside for a month in January in the cold of winter when his owner moved. Neighbors didn’t call rescue until after one month. He is 3 years old and the sweetest most gentle soul! We had him DNA tested and he is also the biggest Sheltie I have ever met! (More to love!) He was meant to be with us. Our other Sheltie, Kobe, is happy to have a companion since the loss of his brother, Chester.
A great experience with rescue in honor of our Chester.


You are so lucky, Margaret.

What a sweetheart!

It’s Good to Be King

Kobe has claimed his seat throne.


:) The side-eye confirms he isn’t giving it up either right, Margaret?

C’Mere, You Have Something on Your Face

Uh oh! It’s that time of year again.

The fun results if you let your Sheltie go exploring into the woods.

The look on Java’s face is priceless, Deb!