Sheltie Nation

It’s Our New Act for the Circus!

Check out the talented Tjure! :)

Sunshine… on your Sheltie…


Sheltie in a sunbeam

Lola is our sunshine today too, Lisa & Robert. :)


Check out how big the blades of grass are…

In comparison to this adorable 5-week old Sheltie pup, Isla!

Can you say Holy Cute? Yes. Yes you can.

Cute Sheltie puppy in grass

You are so lucky, Lisa!

Photo credit: Jeremy Elleman Photographer

All Is Right With The World

Taz the Sheltie and Alpine share a nap.

Sleeping Sheltie and cat
Comfortable PJs for the human make it complete, Katarina! :)

But I don’t want to wear this hat!

Kobe (sort of) celebrating his birthday with his new rescue buddy Caleb.

Shelties in birthday hats

Poor Caleb, Margaret! He’ll get the hang of it!