Sheltie Nation

Salvation Army Needs You!

If every kettle had a cute Sheltie like Griffin, I think donations would be WAY up!


See? More donations! :)sheltie-griffin-donate-2

So nice of you both to volunteer during the holidays, B0b!

Finding Your Bliss


Peggy has found hers!


And snow on the nose too, Sylvie!

No, This is Not a Scene From Iron Man

Nine year old sweet Sadie and her three year old brother, Iron Man…relaxing.


The look on her face is too funny, Nancy!

No, this is NOT my puppy.

Gracie says: “Yea, we sorta look alike with our colors and all, but we are not related.”


Awe, Gigi and Gracie are matching friends, Theresa! :)

It’s Good To Be King

Merlin is king of his mountain!


:) Mark