Sheltie Nation

Who Has Puppy Dog Eyes?

That soul-ful, melt-you expression?

That would be Jordie!

Sheltie looking up

Such a face, Ambodavenz!

Couch Potato Monday

Yep Moses, it is Monday again!

Sheltie tucked in couch

He is really adorable, Grace!

Havin’ A Ball!

Sheltie puppy with ball

Sadie is adorable, Jack!

It’s April?

Joey: “Wait, all this fun white stuff is going to melt?”

Sheltie in snow

Tell him it will be back again soon, 4thmedium!

Heavy Is the Head that Wears the…Snow

It is a sacrifice demanded of all who would lead: to abandon childish folly and stand instead as the embodiment of poise and dignity.

Or, y’know, maybe not…

Sheltie posing in snow

Meloday is so regal looking yet silly, Paul!