Sheltie Nation

Ever Get The Feeling…

 Jax has the ability to photobomb Shelby’s poses every time.
Sheltie over shoulder

Always watching, Julia and Jim!



Winter Schminter

It’s pretty chilly in Halifax Nova Scotia, but Rexx is having fun!

Sheltie with snowman

:) Vicki

Profiles in Small Business Success

Teddy was searching for his next big idea when he noticed all the snow. :)

Sheltie snowball stand

Such precious photo, Julie!


Always Yummy Christmas Leftovers

Sheltie elves, Dakota and Cheyenne.

Cute, Lia!

Frankie is not pleased with his adorable holiday hat!

Oh Morgan, cookies ASAP!

Toby looks only slightly less displeased with his hat.

Very cute hat, Sharon!

Duchess, the 50-foot Sheltie, prepares to attack the tiny town.

Ha ha, Johanna!

Christmas is barely over and Meeko is already worn out!

The holidays are tiring, James!






Merry Christmas Sheltie Nation!

Teddy and Santa study who is on the “naughty and nice” list.

Sheltie and Santa

Every Sheltie is on the nice list right, Julie? :)