Sheltie Nation


Caesar says: “Nothing to see here. Just move along.”


Oh naughty boy for chewing that carpet, CM!

When You’re Waiting…

it’s great to have a friend who waits with you.


Reagan and Meg the Sheltie wait patiently for their daddy.

Sent in by watchful, Grandma! :)

You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Bed

Never bust up a Sheltie and his main squeeze. Last week I had the worst cold ever and I thought it would be best to go to bed early and get as much sleep as I could. So I made the bed, got into my jammies and went into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. When I opened the door my husband showed me this picture and said, “looks like you are on the couch.” AND I WAS! Those two luxuriated on top of our electric blanket until our normal bedtime.



The things we do for our fur kids, Nancy and Mike!

What’s your IQte?

Kinsey’s name is “Jo-C’s B Is For Brilliant”. So, of course her idol is Albert Einstein. Here is is doing an impersonation of him. It’s almost like they were separated at birth, don’t you think?


LOL, Sheila!

He’s Missing The Little Button Tag On The Ear

Otherwise I would swear Brodie has to be a Steiff!


Wonderful photo, Nola!