Sheltie Nation

Okay My Chores are Done

So, where is my treat?

Bailey helps mom and dad cleanup…well kinda.

Sheltie in barrow

Such a cherry little helper, Wayne and Denene! :)

Sheltie Recites Haiku

I lie, belly up
In the sun. I am happier
Than you will ever be.
Anonymous dog

Sheltie in grassStewart has a ruff life, Jenny! :)

Hedgehog: It’s What We Play With!

Scotty is waiting. Let’s play!

Sheltie and toy

What a sweet face, Jan!

Who’s Sulking?

Sheltie sulking

Awe Terry, time to go play with Maggie!


That Sheltie Expression

Sweet, sensitive Simon.

Sheltie expression

<3 Holly!