Sheltie Nation

You Snooze, You Loose!

Ya gotta be on time to bed if you want a spot.

Shelties in bed

Katie, Cody, Trevor, and Cooper the Cocker!

:) Janice

You Call This Agility Training?

Milicent says: “This is easy! Bring on the hard stuff!”

Sheltie on A-frame

An overachiever, Paul!

What Are You Wearing to the Fancy Dress Party?

Oh this? This is just something I threw together.

Sheltie in dress

Sarah is very stylish, Katherine. ;)

Yo, How YOU Doin’?

Scotty: s’up, dawg?

Sheltie in baseball hat

Fo’ shizzle, Jan!


I Got It… I Got It… I Got It…

You go, Fred!

Sheltie chasing toy

Awesome action shot, Oleg.