Sheltie Nation

I’m Just Taking a Break

After a short break, Kero will be playing again very soon!


Such a sweet profile, Karina.


Happy Endings

Happy Anniversary Sprite!! It was five years ago we adopted Sprite from Sheltie Rescue and we’ve had a happy adventure with her ever since. She was picked up from someone’s carport where she had delivered a litter of puppies. She arrived at the high-kill shelter in very poor condition but quickly blossomed with loving care. She’s very smart, very silly and always craves petting (with BOTH hands, preferably!) Here are pictures of Sprite five years ago and today.


Better yet, let’s call it a happy beginnings!

Hugs to you Debbie for adopting her! :)

When Owners Look Like Their Pets!

Or is it really the other way around?


Hemingway is perfectly matched to you, Rita! ;)

It Must Be Love

Katie clearly loves her mommy.


Such a look of <3, Cathy.

What Do These Mean?

Buddy ponders the cairns in Acadia National Park.


Such a beautiful place, Kevin!