Sheltie Nation

Fun in Finland

Gabriella is begging for more snow. ;)

Sheltie puppy sitting up in snow

She is so lovely, Liivia!


Now THERE Is Some Side-Eye Action

This is Addy. She is currently a foster dog with Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St. Louis.

This has to be the most hilarious side eye I’ve ever seen.

Sheltie side-eye

We’d have to agree, Angela. :)) What DID you say?

My What Big Eyes You Have

“So-called ‘puppydog eyes don’t exist!” you say.

“PROVE IT” you say.

OK then. Here is Annie.

Sheltie with big eyes

A princess on her pillow, Ken!

But Why do I Have to Make the Bed?

Nobody’s gonna see it.

Sheltie making bed

Oh but Charlie knows doesn’t he, Chuck?


A Sheltie’s tongue is seldom photographed.

Unless you get lucky, catching it sneaking a peak while sleeping!

Sheltie sleeping

Laona Mae is definitely having a lazy day, Jenny. :)