Sheltie Nation

If Shelties Came In A Variety Pack, They Would Look Something Like …

Bleu, Beau, Jaina and Tabitha.

Shelties in multiple colors

A lovely bunch, George!

That Fall Feeling

Sprite is all ready for the season.

Sheltie with pumpkins

She is lovely, Ann!


No, I’m Not Spoiled.

Why do you ask?

Sheltie in a wagon

Sammy is a happy 9,5 year old dog, despite having Osteoarthritis, Cushings disease and a permanent iron pin in his left front leg (so he can’t bend it). Because he can’t walk long distances, we bought a wagon for him, which is a funny sight, because, while we walk he has again a big smile while looking around. On this photo he looks impatient, because he doesn’t accept having to wait for us getting ready.
The Netherlands


Zoom! Zoom!

Cheyenne is such a happy girl!

Smiling Sheltie running
Sheltie zoomies are the best, Marla! :)

The Girls Will Love Me!

Niyolo is perfuming himself for the ladies. :)

Sheltie puppy in flowers

What a cutie pie, DK!