Sheltie Nation

Life lessons taught by a 16-year-old Sheltie

A very sweet reminder of how precious our pets can be to us.

A very lucky and much loved little Sheltie!

Sneak in the Grass

The only thing scarier than a fin in the water – a puppy in the grass.


Zelda is sooo stealthy, Steve! :)

Look Familiar?

Does anyone else’s Sheltie sleep like this?

Benji finds it so comfortable!


I’m sure more than one of us has seen this goofiness, Lisha! :)

Flower Power

Look at this perfectly delicate and delightful blossom.

Oh look, there is a pretty white flower too! ;)

sheltie-fawna-flowerFawna enjoys the first of the spring Trilliums!

They are both lovely, Janis!

You Did NOT See Me Here!

Lacy Blue takes a rest from her usual farm chores – practicing being a princess among the lace and pillows.

She will get tired of it and head back on out to the barn soon!


A closet princess, Nadine. ;)